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You belong here

We have archaeologists, anthropologists, landscape architects, marine scientists, and journalists on our team. No matter your career background, we can use all kinds of talents, hobbies, and superpowers in the Esri design team.

What we believe

When challenges arise, we fix the issue and are accountable for our work. We never stop learning and improving.

How we work

We are honest, approachable, and authentic. This is a healthy work environment where your best work can be done because that's what you deserve.

How we act

We show respect for everyone, recognize effort, and celebrate success.

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Join our team

Our application and interview process


Apply for the job. Create an account, upload your résumé, and fill out the application. If you meet the criteria, a recruiter will call you.

Meet the leadership

We want to get to know you. Chat with our team leads and senior designers. Share your design work or tell us why you'd be a good fit.

Meet the team

Present your work, ideas, and problem-solving skills. Meet one-on-one with the team and internal stakeholders. This could be your new team!

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Present your work

You have one (1) hour to present your work. The team would like to see a 30- to 40-minute presentation, leaving time for questions. It should walk us through one (1) to two (2) complex problem-solving projects that are focused on user-centered design, process, and techniques.

Here are some things to focus on:

  • Defining the problem
  • Detailing any research and strategy to resolve it
  • Additional team and stakeholder involvement
  • Demonstrated use of tools and techniques
  • Examples of refined solutions and process
  • Lessons learned
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Apply for our internship program

Join our 12-week internship program with your cohorts starting in May and June. Put your education to work on real projects with key stakeholders that have direct impact on our work. This internship program is a great opportunity for those transitioning in their career, returning to the workforce, or wanting to be immersed in boot camp learning.

Do you like competitions? Sign up for the intern hackathon and create an innovative web-based map application solution for solving problems.

Apply for internship program
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Create meaningful work with a lasting impact

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