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GIS for Good

Esri programs and initiatives

Helping organizations maximize impact for people, planet, prosperity, and peace

Esri programs

Esri special programs are designed to help our users apply geographic information system (GIS) technology for good around the world

Disaster Response Program (DRP)

Organizations around the world rely on GIS maps, dashboards, and analytics to respond and recover from disasters and crises, big and small. More than 11,000 organizations have been supported by Esri’s Disaster Response Program during emergencies such as oil spills, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, wildfires, famine, social unrest, and pandemics.

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A disaster response map of a fire on a mountain and a plane flying over

Nonprofit Program

Nonprofit organizations use GIS to create a more equitable, sustainable, and prosperous planet. More than 12,000 charities, foundations, and mission-driven nonprofit organizations are supported by Esri’s Nonprofit Program, using GIS to help amplify their impact in communities around the world.

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Three people in blue medical uniforms unpacking boxes in an office, and maps overlaid on the screen

Education Program

More than four million students and scholars use GIS technology and learning resources for data visualization, problem-solving, and storytelling to promote a deeper understanding of natural systems and human societies. Esri’s Education Program cultivates spatial literacy from grade school through higher education, preparing students for careers.

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A young child working on a desktop computer that is displaying a map

Conservation Program

Conservationists around the globe use GIS to protect nature and confront the unprecedented threats from climate change and human development. The Esri Conservation Program supports more than 5,000 conservation organizations as they work to safeguard biodiversity across protected areas and landscapes.

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Bright blue water with virtual orange highlights off the coast of a grassy peninsula