Jennie Byron

Jennie Byron is an AEC Senior Solutions Engineer at Esri. She is focused on advising and supporting AEC firms as they integrate geospatial tools into their business processes. Jennie has over 20 years of experience as a geospatial project lead enabling technical and consulting services across all areas of AEC businesses, including environment, infrastructure, water, and transportation. Her background is in environmental and earth sciences.

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Key Benefits that AEC Firms Can Leverage with ArcGIS Living Atlas

Project resources for AECs and Environmental consulting organizations to unlock the full potential of ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World.

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Use ArcGIS Arcade to Step Out of the Static Environmental Callout Box and Into Dynamic Results

Use ArcGIS Arcade to dynamically display environmental results as labels in ArcGIS Pro or as pop-ups in ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise.

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Delineating the Future of Wetlands: How states and local governments use GIS to support wetland related workflows

State and local governments play a prominent role in protecting their communities' wetlands and can use GIS tools to help.

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