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ArcGIS unites virtually all types of content and analytics. It connects data and models so that operators of every discipline can visualize their world and best understand how to defeat the adversary through intelligent action. From the individual analyst to national defense combat support organizations, ArcGIS supports every echelon. And from logistics to installations and defense health, ArcGIS supports every readiness mission. ArcGIS interconnects everything to reduce time from data to decision, helping you achieve operational readiness. 

Readiness missions

Installations and facilities

Prepare for the future with a smart installation that allows staff to:

  • Manage assets in real-time
  • Coordinate projects across departments using an integrated system
  • Achieve real-time situational awareness across all levels of command
  • Deliver a consistent centralized view of all installation operations
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Create a geographic framework for logistics using GIS to improve network planning, control costs, enhance deliveries, and make more strategic decisions. With ArcGIS, you can plan routes based on unit location, potential threats, and multi-modal supply route transfer locations.

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Training, modeling, and simulation

ArcGIS integrates geography into training, modeling, and simulation. ArcGIS allows users to harness models and tools to build the most realistic environments to simulate military options and actions.  Support the full lifecycle including:

  • Creating and curating data
  • Accurately modeling the real world
  • Analyzing training and simulation effects
  • Integrating with Unreal Engine and Unity
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Defense health

Spatial data and GIS technology can help military staff understand health coverage in military populations, opportunities to improve access to needed care and protect the force against unforeseen events. Applied GIS leads to improved health outcomes, healthier military communities, and an effective, resilient force.

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Recruiting and manpower

ArcGIS provides recruiters and analysts actionable knowledge about influences, habits, and demographics for capable populations to serve. This information and associated analyses can target recruiting focus to meet readiness and retention goals.

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