Gain foresight to successfully navigate challenges

Accelerate decision-making and improve outcomes

Defense organizations are challenged to take quick and decisive action based on data from numerous systems, sensors, and sources. Using geographic information system (GIS)-based solutions, all types of operators and decision-makers can

  • Aggregate and integrate many types of data
  • Model, analyze, and visualize all aspects of the operational environment
  • Deliver user-driven applications that harmonize efforts across domains, functions, and echelons
  • Enable situational understanding and collaboration across the enterprise

GIS empowers everyone in an organization

Militaries deploy ArcGIS at all echelons, in support of all staff and warfighting functions, and into modern computing environments. ArcGIS is cloud-ready and can be configured for denied, disconnected, intermittent, and low-bandwidth (DDIL) environments in support of all military missions and functions. 

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Geospatial infrastructure for mission systems

Defense organizations can integrate ArcGIS enterprise software into any mission system. ArcGIS is interoperable and provides a modern IT framework that supports an agile enterprise. Organizations have successfully integrated it into thousands of systems because of its standards, open architecture, and extensibility.

Open and interoperable

ArcGIS is an open, flexible, and interoperable platform that fosters innovation. Esri supports open standards for data, services, and metadata.

Integrates into systems

ArcGIS is service-based, extensible technology that integrates into mission systems. Developers and integrators trust ArcGIS to provide geospatial infrastructure for their secure defense operations.

Cloud ready

Intelligence organizations use secure and private clouds to modernize and consolidate IT infrastructure. ArcGIS Enterprise is ready for deployment in Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure clouds and private clouds.

Supports disconnected operations

ArcGIS supports multiple deployment patterns. Information can be provisioned and replicated between these patterns to support DDIL environments.

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Instructor-led and self-paced options help individuals apply best practices and quickly learn ArcGIS software. Esri training consultants provide complimentary planning services to identify options that will best meet an organization's immediate, short-term, and long-term workforce training needs.

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