Link theory and practice through remote sensing education

Natural hazards; the movement of air, ice, soil, and water; and human activities create a world of constant change. Using Esri's ArcGIS imagery and remote sensing tools, empower your students to understand these changes, develop critical thinking skills, link theory and practice, and solve real-world problems from the local to the global scale. Combining these skills and tools with satellite imagery and spatial data from accessible data portals will enable your students to build the resilient communities of tomorrow.

Imagery in ArcGIS overview
A flat circular map that shows Australia and parts of Antarctica, Africa, and Maritime Southeast Asia, overlayed with a circular-patterned graphic in an orange gradient

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Combine powerful analytic tools and workflows to manage, analyze, and use imagery and rasters. These resources for teaching imagery and remote sensing will help you get started.

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GIS and drone courses teach valuable skills

A professor at Virginia Commonwealth University employs the latest Esri software in his courses to empower students with in-demand skills.

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