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Housing and Homelessness

Sustainable and equitable housing using GIS

Execute equitable planning. Address community needs.

Align your community’s initiatives with federal funding objectives using GIS. Visit Esri’s federal funding resource site.

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An effective and equitable affordable housing strategy is essential for success

Amid rising housing prices, the trend towards counter-urbanization, and elevated financial burdens on middle and lower-income homeowners, planning professionals' work is more critical than ever. When people can't afford to live where they work, surrounding areas experience undesirable sprawl. Implement policies for sufficient affordable housing with GIS to support increased spending power, more educational opportunities, job creation and economic mobility, municipal revenue growth, less stress on transportation networks, and poverty reduction that ends the cycle of homelessness.

Depend on proven technology

Esri is the leader in GIS, pioneering technology that helps governments of all sizes meet the expectations of planners, the public, and decision-makers in designing sustainable housing.

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