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Economic Mobility

Design a path for equitable access to opportunity

Provide long-term, sustainable opportunities for lower- and middle-income residents

Planners, economic developers, and elected officials have a responsibility to improve access to opportunities that can create jobs, reduce poverty, improve intergenerational mobility, and decrease homelessness. Communities will gain revenue, which provides more resources for services. An economic mobility strategy should help disadvantaged residents capitalize on opportunities and build their community engagement. In turn, this improves the quality of life for the entire community. ArcGIS provides the tools to make justifiable data-driven decisions in designing a sustainable economic mobility strategy for your community.

Analyze demographics

Analyze and understand community demographics and socioeconomic characteristics.

Assess community needs

Assess community needs for employment, training, educational opportunity, and services.

Monitor economic mobility

Monitor and quantify status of economic mobility in neighborhoods.

Recruit sustainable investments

Coordinate with economic development organization officials to recruit sustainable new investments and expand existing ones for economic growth.

Share impacts with stakeholders

Report to policy makers and the public about the impact of mobility in neighborhoods.

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Supporting minority-owned businesses

The City of San Rafael supports businesses with open restaurants.

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