Manage your national mapping data and information integrity

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Providing up-to-date, authoritative information from your national mapping agency to your stakeholders and customers requires effective management of data and processes in your system of record. Production management is needed to provide a clear picture into the resources, processes, and workflows required to be effective. Management of your nation's base data is critical to supporting customers and the work groups doing collection, production, and dissemination in your national mapping organization. Consistent data quality management and assurance must be in place to provide trusted and reliable information.

Effective management of data and processes

Optimize information and data management

NMGAs are managing massive amounts of remotely sensed data and reducing duplication using dynamic image mosaicking and processing with GIS. Remote sensing and GIS are no longer separate but integrated in the same geospatial system. This increases efficiency and ease of data access by serving remotely sensed data seamlessly to work teams across your organization.

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Effective production management

Meeting customer demands and schedules requires managing your entire supply chain to maximize your production resources. Production management ensures that best practices are used through repeatable workflows to manage changes in location data in addition to mapping it. Information is consistently accessible to all work groups, from collection and analysis through production and dissemination.

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Ensuring data integrity and quality

Ensuring your data integrity requires automated checks to efficiently validate data. This includes managing metadata provenance and lineage over time with versioning. Data is proven by verifying and communicating data quality through consistent reporting.

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ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes

Use ArcGIS Enterprise to set up ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes with a three-step process: deploy, configure, and use.

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