National maritime and hydrographic organizations are tasked with improving hydrography and safe navigation at sea. A nation's marine environment is vast and dynamic, and it's an important resource for a thriving marine, or blue, economy.


The key to a country's success with a blue economy is a hydrographic office enabled with modern GIS technology. When hydrographic office staff use Esri GIS technology for innovative data collection, data management, and the dissemination of authoritative and foundational maritime information, they support strong national economic development.

Create a stronger foundation for maritime information

The maritime sector for modern governments uses GIS to support national missions in three fundamental ways: increasing Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), improving decision-making processes, and driving economic benefits.

National hydrographic offices use ArcGIS to perform the following:

  • Collect and manage observation data in the marine environment
  • Produce authoritative maritime information, including navigation products
  • Share information to ensure national prosperity and growth using a Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI)
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National maritime and hydrographic authorities need to stay up-to-date with the latest national modernization trends, technology, and information. Attend one of our informative webinars or speak to one of our national maritime industry experts at an event.

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Instructor-led and self-paced options help individuals apply best practices and quickly learn ArcGIS software. Esri training consultants provide complimentary planning services to identify options that will best meet an organization's immediate, short-term, and long-term workforce training needs.

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