Strengthen community outreach

Advocate for your cause and engage stakeholders with compelling storytelling and collaboration tools

In a crowded nonprofit market, competition is fierce for support from donors, volunteers, policy makers, and communities. Nonprofits advocate for their cause, inspire donors and other stakeholders, and foster grassroots community engagement with compelling storytelling tools and community collaboration hubs.

GIS supports nonprofit community outreach and advocacy


Advocate for your cause with simple maps

Nonprofits use maps and location information to advocate for their cause. Maps help policy makers, decision-makers, and other stakeholders understand complex information that often gets lost in lengthy reports. Stakeholders can quickly see what needs to be done where and implement necessary actions.


Gain attention with compelling storytelling

In a crowded marketplace, competition for funding, volunteer participation, and community support can be intense. Nonprofits use ArcGIS StoryMaps for community outreach and to create immersive and compelling multimedia stories that bring their narrative to life and win stakeholder support for their mission.

Support crowdsourcing and collaboration

Nonprofits get communities involved as true participants and partners in their mission with location-based crowdsourcing and collaboration tools. Field data collection and information hubs enable grassroots participation and build trust and transparency.


Fairer redistricting and voting rights fight

California's new Fair Maps Act has taken cues from the Dolores Huerta Foundation to ensure that district maps match a community's demographic makeup.

Esri Nonprofit Organization Program

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