Measure and optimize program impact

Nonprofit leaders and their donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders want to know if and where a nonprofit is making a positive impact. With GIS, nonprofits seamlessly integrate location data with business systems, programs, and activities, so they see what is happening where, measure the results of their activities, and identify where there are opportunities for improvement.

GIS supports measuring, optimizing, and demonstrating impact of nonprofit programs


Measure and demonstrate program impact

Measure ongoing program performance to ensure that current community needs are met in an equitable fashion, and proactively identify new needs with spatial analysis of local conditions. Demonstrate positive impact to donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders.


Optimize operations for changing conditions

Quickly respond to changing conditions on the ground with real-time, location-based data collection. Adjust and optimize resources to meet current and new needs, deepen impact, and determine where you need to go next.

Accelerate understanding with dashboards

Expedite understanding and communication of program performance with map-based dashboards that integrate real-time information into a single, easy-to-understand view. Dashboards provide holistic situational awareness and fast-track decision-making.


Boston Area Food Bank measures progress with maps

Boston Area Food Bank measures progress toward providing three meals a day to vulnerable communities.

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Esri Nonprofit Organization Program

The Esri Nonprofit Organization Program provides nonprofit organizations with low-cost access to GIS software, training, content, and other resources. Join a vibrant community of nonprofits around the globe working to create a better world.

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