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Master Agreements; Products and Services Terms of Use

Click-Through Master Agreement, Products Only (E204CW)

The links below provides access to the most current click-through Master Agreement for Products only. This Products only Agreement applies to orders for Software, Data, and Online Services.

English Version
Multiple Languages

Master Agreement, Products and Services (E204)

The link below provides access to the most current Master Agreement for Products and Services. This Agreement applies to orders for Training, Professional Services, and Advantage Program, in addition to Software, Data, and Online Services. This Agreement generally requires signature.

English Version

Product-Specific Terms of Use (E300)

The link below provides access to the Product-Specific Terms of Use terms (E300) that serve as a Product differentiator and supplements the Master Agreement. These terms describe the most current scope and limitations to specific Software and Online Services identified in an order. For Agreements that reference Exhibit 1 Scope of Use (E300), this document supplements your current version of the E300.

Multiple Languages

Master Agreement and Product-Specific Terms of Use Changes

What/Where/Why Revisions
E204—04/01/2022 [PDF] Comparison to E204—08/05/2021 [PDF]
E300—02/11/2022 [PDF] Comparison to E300—06/03/2021 [PDF]
E204—08/05/2021 [PDF] Comparison to E204—09/16/2020 [PDF]
E300—06/03/2021 [PDF] Comparison to E300—01/27/2021 [PDF]
E300—01/27/2021 [PDF] Comparison to E300—09/29/2020 [PDF]
E300—09/29/2020 [PDF] Comparison to E300—07/28/2020 [PDF]
E204—09/16/2020 [PDF] Comparison to E204—02/19/2020 [PDF]
E300—07/28/2020 [PDF] Comparison to E300—04/29/2020 [PDF]
E300—04/29/2020 [PDF] Comparison to E300—02/21/2020 [PDF]
E300—02/21/2020 [PDF] Comparison to E300—06/26/2019 [PDF]
E204—02/19/2020 [PDF] Comparison to E204—09/26/2019 [PDF]
E204—09/26/2019 [PDF] Comparison to E204—10/12/2018 [PDF]
E300—06/26/2019 [PDF] Comparison to E300—02/20/2019 [PDF]
E300—02/20/2019 [PDF] Comparison to E300—10/12/2018 [PDF]
E204—10/12/2018 [PDF] Comparison to E204—03/30/2018 [PDF]
E300—10/12/2018 [PDF] Comparison to E300—06/15/2018 [PDF]
E300—06/15/2018 [PDF] Comparison to E300—08/14/2017 [PDF]
E204—03/30/2018 [PDF] Comparison to E204—02/12/2018 [PDF]
E204—02/12/2018 [PDF] Comparison to E204—10/25/2017 [PDF]
E204—10/25/2017 [PDF] Comparison to E204—08/14/2017 [PDF]
E204—08/14/2017 [PDF] 
Comparison to E204—03/08/2017 [PDF]
E204—03/08/2017 [PDF] 
Comparison to E204—09/22/2016 [PDF]
E204/E300 MLA to LASA Changes Q4 2016 [PDF]
E204—07/06/2016 [PDF]
Comparison to E204—06/13/2014 [PDF]
E300—04/11/2016 [PDF]
Comparison to E300—02/24/2016 [PDF]
E300—02/24/2016 [PDF]
Comparison to E300—12/08/2015 [PDF]
E300—12/08/2015 [PDF]
Comparison to E300—07/08/2015 [PDF]
E300—07/08/2015 [PDF]
Comparison to E300—02/25/2015 [PDF]
E300—02/25/2015 [PDF]
Comparison to E300—10/02/2014 [PDF]
E300—10/02/2014 [PDF]
Comparison to E300—06/13/2014 [PDF]
E204—06/13/2014 [PDF]
Comparison to E204—04/26/2013 [PDF]
E300—06/13/2014 [PDF]
Comparison to E300—02/21/2014 [PDF]
E300—02/21/2014 [PDF]
Comparison to E300—10/10/2013 [PDF]
E300—10/10/2013 [PDF]
Comparison to E300—07/24/2013 [PDF]