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February 2014

Client Earth

By Carla Wheeler
Esri Writer

There's an art to survival, according to Chinese architect and designer Kongjian Yu. It lies in the promise of geodesign and building an ecological infrastructure that will support livable and sustainable communities. For biologist Janine Benyus, survival will depend on biomimicry, which can teach us how to emulate nature's designs. Others may hire the designers, urban planners, architects, and landscape architects, but "more and more, the planet is becoming the client," Will Rogers from The Trust for Public Land said during the recent Geodesign Summit at Esri. Read the article.

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Against a backdrop of high-rises, flowers bloom in a wetland park in Qunli New District, China. The park was developed by Turenscape. (Photo courtesy of Kongjian Yu/Turenscape.)

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Learn to Add Videos to Your Map Tour Story Maps

You can easily add videos to your map tours created in ArcGIS Online. Esri technology evangelist Bern Szukalski walks you through the steps.

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    The Headlines

    Fighting Hunger with GIS
  • Fighting Hunger with GIS

    The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) uses GIS to analyze where people may face food shortages because of potential famines or natural disasters. Read the article on the FARMD website.

    Mapping Absenteeism
  • Mapping Absenteeism

    Oakland Unified School District in California used Esri ArcGIS to map chronic school absenteeism and analyze factors that might contribute to why some students skip classes. Read the article.

    Snow Warriors
  • Snow Warriors

    The City of Columbus Department of Public Services in Ohio uses a new GIS web application called Warrior Watch to monitor snow removal in real time. A key component: Esri ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor for Server. Read the article.


    News Bytes

  • The Titanic and Beyond

    David Gallo from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution talks about advances in deep-sea mapping, using the mapping of RMS Titanic as one of his examples. Watch the video.

  • A Better Dashboard

    Coming in March: New tools, search improvements, and more, for Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS. Read the blog. Get the version 10.2 app.

  • Bonus Tip: Add Websites to Map Tours

    You can add more than videos to your map tours. See how to add websites to your map tour story maps.

  • Introducing Optimized LAS

    Esri recently developed technology to optimize LAS format lidar. The format enables fast, efficient access to LAS structured lidar data. Read the blog.

  • 3D Geodesign

    See how you can use Esri technology to create 3D urban designs and assess the impact of your proposals. Watch the videos.

  • White Papers from Esri

    Read the latest white papers on topics such as enterprise deployment for ArcGIS 10.2.1 and Esri US Retail MarketPlace Data.


    What's New, Marketplace?
  • What's New, Marketplace?

    Check out the latest additions to ArcGIS Marketplace such as Locate XT from Clear Terra, mapfolio from GEO-Jobe, and Landscape Modeler from Esri.

    Bring Locations to Life
  • Bring Locations to Life

    Esri's new Geotrigger Service for developers gives apps the power to alert people about nearby road closures, notify crews when they get too close to a hazardous area, or let customers know about sales or special offers when they enter a store. Read the article.

    A Wealth of Health Info
  • A Wealth of Health Info

    The California Healthcare Atlas, which uses Esri technology to power its mapping application, provides policy makers and the public with a variety of information including the location of hospitals and clinics where there's a nurse shortage. Read the article and view the atlas.