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AI Leads Corporate Data Priorities, but Worries Outweigh Progress

As business executives struggle to leverage artificial intelligence, big data, and analytics, many worry about more-agile competitors.

Wellness Emerges as a Real Estate Trend

Wellness communities are expanding into new markets with the help of location intelligence and demographic data.

Change Management Smooths Path to Millions in Savings

A water utility serving 90,000 customers embraces change by placing location intelligence at the center of its operations.

The Next MBA You Hire Should Know GIS

A business school dean explains why leading companies should hire spatial business transformers.

Think Tank: What You Should Know about Personalized Pricing

Leading companies are adjusting prices not just for specific markets but for specific customers. How?

As Personal Car Ownership Falls, Automaker Innovation Rises

Within a decade, automakers will see a drastic reduction in traditional car sales. What are they doing to fill the revenue gap?

How Social Media Could Improve Targeted Marketing

Researchers discover hard-to-find audience insight in a curious blend of big data, social media postings, and location intelligence.

How Big Data Is Changing Corporate Lobbying

Business executives are embracing a new brand of data-driven lobbying, and a startup with location intelligence in its toolkit is helping them.

The Smart Workplace: An Executive Tour

Advanced technologies are delivering convenience to employees of smart workplaces—and bottom-line benefits to their employers.

Your Smart City Needs a Chief Analytics Officer

Good governing requires efficiency. As smart cities generate vast stores of big data, chief analytics officers uncover vital answers quickly.

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