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Connected Kiosks Foreshadow Smart Cities

New smart kiosks in big cities will give residents free WiFi—and could help support smart cities and more reliable autonomous vehicles.

Supply Chain Integration Fuels New Farm-to-Table Movement

A Washington company puts a new twist on the farm-to-table movement. Its secret? An innovative streak and a vertically integrated supply chain.

Regions Bank Calls on Analytics to Do Well by Doing Good

With a mission to make life better for its customers, a Fortune 500 bank uses location intelligence to reach every community.

The Think Tank Series: IoT and Big Data Get Real

As buzzwords go, big data and the Internet of Things are high decibel. It's time for a reality check on what's real and what's hype.

The Curious Connections between Religion, Location, and Creditworthiness

A study reveals a new metric for executives to assess: how religious are the places where they intend to do business?

Commerce as a Crime Deterrent

Researchers combine location analytics, business closure data, and crime statistics to illuminate an interesting truth.

A Digital Twin for the Supply Chain

The digital twin may help supply chain operators serve an increasingly empowered consumer—and gain a seat in the boardroom.

Concierge Medicine: Missing Something?

An increasingly popular form of health care could improve patient diagnostics with more information on location.

Insurers Turn to Satellites for Damage Assessment

A pilot program in India is bringing succor to a critical industry and surety to insurers.

Whether the Weather Will Affect My Sales

The branch of big data analytics that dices weather forecasts is intersecting with more and more businesses.

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