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March 2014

DNA Not Required

By Matthew DeMeritt
Esri Writer

In the absence of DNA evidence in a murder trial, prosecutors in Michigan asked the Kent County GIS team to map the location data from cell phones carried by several suspects in the case. The maps, created using Esri ArcGIS, placed the signal of the cell phone that belonged to defendant Karl Cotton Jr. in the neighborhood of the apartment building where Jamie Powell was shot to death. Read the article. Imagery and GIS maps also played a role in the conviction of a man charged with public indecency. Read the article.

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The Kent County GIS department did some geolocation detective work. (Photo illustration by Esri.)

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Tip of the Month

Learn to Work with DigitalGlobe FirstLook in ArcGIS

After Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines, the US government made a large amount of DigitalGlobe imagery of the damaged area available for free to the public for humanitarian purposes. You can find it on ArcGIS Online. To find out how to work with the imagery in ArcGIS, read this tip.

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