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March 2015

Geodesign Takes Off

By Carla Wheeler
Esri Writer

Geodesign is spreading its wings. Presenters at the 2015 Geodesign Summit showed how geodesign technologies are moving into areas such as transportation, economic planning, and even gaming, with the popular video game Minecraft used as an example. Web-based tools for sketching and evaluating designs were demonstrated, along with technology to generate 3D buildings, streets, trees, curbs, and bike lanes. Read the article.

Geodesign Takes Off
ArcGIS Pro will take your analysis into both the 2D and 3D realms.

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The Tip

Prevent Accidental Deletion of Items in ArcGIS Online

How do you prevent accidentally deleting items such as layers, web maps, apps and datasets from ArcGIS Online? Use Delete Protection to prevent such problems. Read the tip.

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    The Headlines

    Share Your Open Data
  • Share Your Open Data

    Providing open data can do much good in the world, from stimulating the economy to fighting disease. Here are the top 10 reasons to share your data using the ArcGIS Open Data solution. Read the article.

    Get Smart with Growth
  • Get Smart with Growth

    David Early from the planning and design firm PlaceWorks talks about the innovative new tools shown at the Geodesign Summit that will support smart urban growth. Watch the video.

    GIS Lands at Airports
  • GIS Lands at Airports

    Many airports in the United States are adopting Esri’s ArcGIS for Aviation: Airports, an Esri solution to help meet new federal regulations. Read the article.


    The Geospatial Report

  • Tracking Humpback Whales

    In one study, geneGIS, a new ArcGIS extension, showed that humpback whales return year after year to feeding grounds introduced to them by their mothers. Read the article.

  • State of Vaccinations

    See where the measles is a major problem in the United States this year and where vaccination rates for measles, mumps, and rubella are above and below average. View the Esri Story Map.

  • Mapping the Weather and Climate

    Learn how to bring climate and weather data into a GIS in the new Esri Press book, Mapping and Modeling Weather and Climate with GIS. Buy the book.

  • The Living Atlas of the World Gets Bigger

    The Living Atlas of the World just expanded with new contributions for places such as Hong Kong, Monaco, Fairfax County Virginia and St. John’s, Newfoundland. Read the blog.















    Tech Time

    Make Beautiful Maps

    Make Beautiful Maps

    A new capability in ArcGIS Online called Smart Mapping will help you make beautifully-styled maps. Enhancements to the map viewer offer new ways to symbolize data, provide smart defaults, and support data-driven workflows. Read the article.

  • Pro Questions Answered

    Esri software users raised some great questions about ArcGIS Pro during a recent live training seminar. Esri’s Drew Flater provides the answers. Read his blog.

  • Modernize Your GIS

    Is your utility GIS dated? Maybe it’s time to self-reflect and modernize. Start by stop making your own basemaps and always building custom GIS apps. And begin using your GIS as a platform to solve business problems. Read the blog.

  • Hydro Hierarchy

    Visualize a network of 2,500 US rivers, along with river flow data, us this experimental web mapping application created by Esri. View the app. Read the blog.

  • Maps & More

    The Education of US Presidents
  • The Education of US Presidents

    Find out which Presidents of the United States went to college and what schools they attended. Several never went to college, including two famous and well respected commanders in chief. See the Esri Story Map.

    Mapping Where the Snow Will Go
  • Get Down to Business with New Mobile App

    Access data for more than 135 countries and get a market snapshot from anywhere, anytime with the new Esri Business Analyst mobile app. Get the app.

    Hardware Offer
  • Hardware Offer

    Complement or upgrade your existing GIS infrastructure using ArcGIS for Desktop with an HP Workstation or Notebook. Order today.


    The Last Word

  • Data from Me for TV

    As television watching becomes more of an individual or “me” activity, GIS mapping and analytics can help the television industry better target advertising and understand what types of shows viewers want to watch. Read the blog.

  • Take a Closer Look at Esri

    Go on a two-minute tour and see what Esri technology can do, whether you need to create realistic 3D cities or just want to make a simple web map. Watch the video.