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Fall 2003
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New Esri Business Partners Evolve GIS Technology

Below are just a few examples of Esri software-based applications released by companies that have joined the Esri Business Partner Program in the past year. To learn more about solutions available from Esri Business Partners, visit

Tydac AG
Bern, Switzerland

Neapoljs is a user-friendly, interactive Web-based GIS application. It is a horizontal technology that allows ArcIMS users to rapidly develop applications tailored to meet their needs without much programming. Developed with JavaScript atop ArcIMS, it runs on the client without any plug-ins. Neapoljs readily contains the common desktop navigation, query, and search tools such as zooming in by drawing a window, panning, zooming to previous views, and so forth. The search tool is dynamic; for example, when searching for a street, the first letter(s) is sufficient to provide a list of corresponding streets. Additional standard functionalities are interactive measurement of distances using polylines, dynamic display of the coordinates of the cursor location, and print to scale using layouts and Adobe PDF. All this happens dynamically as the page usually never gets reloaded.

Since Neapoljs is database driven, it is also an application development environment allowing the creation of powerful applications within a short period of time. The look and feel, as well as the language interface, are easy to alter through the administration database. For more information, see

BEM Systems, Inc.
Chatham, New Jersey

MatTrak was designed using MapObjects LT 2.0 to assist users in collecting, tracking, analyzing, and reporting information about solid, liquid, or gaseous materials. The architecture of this software allows for cost-effective retrieval of information on waste management; chemical inventory tracking; abestos/lead-based paint management, operation, and maintenance; and contaminated soil/sediment tracking.

MatTrak understands geography. It manages material movement between cells such as drum storage locations, an asbestos "containing" room in a building, or a small tract of land from which soil will be excavated. Cells belong to user-defined sites that, in turn, belong to user-defined facilities. MatTrak can report on material types, movements, and costs for an entire facility, individual sites, or even specific cells. This data can be displayed in printable reports and mapped using MatTrak's embedded GIS.

By combining all these functions into a single application, BEM has developed an intuitive, cost-effective, and timesaving materials management tool. MatTrak helps users standardize materials management processes and reduce associated time and expenses. For more information, see

Utility Asset Management
Beaverton, Oregon

Utility Asset Management has developed PoleView, a field data collection application using ArcPad that runs on any Windows CE handheld device and is used to gather joint use data in the field. The application features pulldown menus that validate and track new safety and National Executive Service Corps code violations and pole loading and structural analysis criteria and audit data used in joint use management. Benefits of using PoleView include more efficient GPS and field data collection and seamless integration of field data with GIS systems. For more information, see

DAT/EM Systems International
Anchorage, Alaska

The Summit Evolution digital photogrammetric workstation is a user-friendly system for performing 3D feature collection directly into ArcInfo. The Summit Evolution system allows for easy management of multiple model images along with their appropriate camera and control files in a project-based environment. Quick and efficient stereoscopic orientation of the models is performed by either using interior, relative, and absolute orientation or employing exterior orientation data.

Feature data collection is achieved via DAT/EM Capture. Further batch file editing can be performed using DAT/EM's Map/Editor software. Both DAT/EM Capture and Map/Editor are included with Summit Evolution.

Summit Evolution presents frame camera images in three dimensions while compiling directly into ArcInfo. In addition, Summit Evolution's compatibility extends to INPHO Systems' digital terrain modeling product MATCH-T. Included are seamless functions to interact with aerotriangulation software Aerosys, Albany, BINGO, and PATB. Further development for interconnectivity with other software packages is continuing.

Summit Evolution's project-based information management employs Microsoft-compliant windows and dialog boxes that provide easy access to any location on any model. Summit Evolution provides the user with tools to manage large, bundle-adjusted projects as well as smaller projects consisting of single stereo pairs. Users can roam on a bundle-adjusted project as well as on a single stereo model. For more information, see

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