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Fall 2003
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Esri Technology Gives Public Access to a Wealth of Knowledge

Serving Up a Medley of Maps Online

Geography and GIS awareness grows as the public's access to spatial data increases. Esri's Internet mapping technologies add geographic data and analysis to a multitude of applications that serve organizations and communities in a variety of ways from transportation information to environmental data to real-time reporting to business demographics. At are links to these and other Web sites powered by Esri technology. To be included, send a description of your mapping site and the URL to

Maryland's County Comparative Maps
The Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development provides research tools for businesses and individuals seeking to relocate to Maryland. One of the applications is the ArcIMS software-powered County Comparative Maps. Visitors can select and view comparative information for 23 Maryland counties plus the city of Baltimore. Comparison criteria include demographics and statistics on workforce, education, transportation, taxes, and quality of life.

Metropolitan Airports Commission—Department of Environment
The Minneapolis–St. Paul International Airport's ArcIMS site enables public access to aircraft operation and noise event data from the Metropolitan Airports Commission Airport Noise and Operations Monitoring System and GIS databases. Users can query flight tracks and noise events and view them in a static map or replay airspace at multiple speeds. The Aircraft Operations and Noise Event Replay function displays flights in and out of the airport for a user-specified period and address location. Visitors can input an address, date, and time in the Flight Track Maps application to view flight track data. The Airspace Analysis feature enable users to perform a simple, map-based, three-dimensional airspace or gate analysis.

Monument Mapping Engine
This Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Web site is powered by ArcIMS and includes support for Digital Raster Graphics (DRG) and query functions. The initial statewide view shows the locations of WSDOT's geodetic survey monuments, National Geodetic Survey's high-accuracy reference network stations, county boundaries, state routes, coastlines, lakes, and major rivers. Zooming in, the state highway is replaced by a U.S. Census Bureau 1999 TIGER roads layer with DRG as a backdrop. Site users can select a monument and request a map or site description. The Web site realized several benefits for WSDOT. It fills monument requests that were previously time-consuming and done manually. It has encouraged federal, state, city, and local surveyors to integrate WSDOT's network into their projects.

Napa County GIS
The Napa County GIS Web site provides access to information about all the GIS-related activities conducted by the county. Among the products and services are mapping applications, a GIS data catalog, and data on road projects. There are four ArcIMS mapping applications—parcel maps, map file search, hazardous material search, and crime statistics. The parcel component identifies parcels including soil and vegetation types, flood zone status, and jurisdictions. The map file search simplifies the task of researching filed maps for a specified parcel and will generate a list of all filed maps within the property. The hazardous material search tracks properties where hazardous materials were found and identifies properties known to contain underground fuel storage tanks for agricultural purposes. The crime statistics application lists crime figures by geographic area.

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