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Fall 2003
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ArcNews Online Exclusive Articles

A Treasure Trove of GIS Applications

This is the fourth issue of ArcNews—marking one full year—featuring exclusive online-only articles in the enhanced ArcNews Online. The ArcNews staff created this new feature to keep up with the growing number of articles we receive that highlight successful GIS implementations around the world. These Web-only articles are outlined in each paper issue of ArcNews. In the Fall 2003 issue of ArcNews Online, you can read the following exclusively online articles:

GIS in Action

Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Archives History on the Web
In 2001, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, began scanning and digitally archiving its entire set of full-size Mylar aerial photography, using a scanner that accommodates maps up to 36 inches wide. Aerial photography from county archives and selected maps of local historical significance from the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County are being scanned. The aerial photography currently goes back to 1966. Maps from the archival collection of the library's Carolina Room date back to the 19th century and showcase the elaborate illustrations created and painstaking work done by mapmakers of another era.

Linn County, Iowa, Uses Web-Based GIS Technology to Deliver Enterprise GIS to Multiple Audiences in Real Time
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the county seat for Linn County, Iowa, is a sophisticated community with great expectations for online services. Web access to services like precinct and polling information is important in this active community. With a population of approximately 200,000 and a diverse agricultural, manufacturing, and services-based economy, demands on Linn County staff are both challenging and numerous. As a result, the county wanted to leverage its investment in GIS data by enhancing staff usage and streamlining citizen access.

Venezuelan Petroleum Company Uses GIS to Visualize Operational Surface Facilities Online
Petróleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA), owned by the country of Venezuela, is the fifth largest provider of available, proven reserves worldwide. Venezuela's daily petroleum production capacity is 3.8 million barrels with an infrastructure including 20,000 active wells located in 2,400 active fields, 300 active petroleum camps, and more than 6,000 kilometers of pipelines. To support the production units, PDVSA needed GIS to visualize operational surface facilities on the PDVSA Intranet.

GIS Exploration Under Water

In Portugal, the Marine Environment Is Charted With GIS
The Portuguese Hydrographic Office (IHPT) is the national authority responsible for publishing official nautical charts. It also conducts studies, projects, and research in hydrography, physical oceanography, chemical oceanography, marine geology, and maritime navigation using data collected for more than a century. To store, manage, integrate, and explore this field, IHPT created a data center and started developing a computer-based information system. This system—called SIGAMAR—is a GIS for the marine environment that integrates environmental and cartographic data.

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