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Fall 2005
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Free Esri Publications Offer Valuable Information

Along with its extensive GIS software and advanced mapping capabilities, Esri provides numerous periodicals to keep customers updated on company news, products, and events. Since 1979, when the first issue of ArcNews was launched, Esri has expanded its information base by adding several new offerings. Now, Esri has more than 25 different publications, ranging from printed magazines to electronic e-mail newsletters, all with the GIS user in mind. Each publication targets a specific audience, focusing on subjects applicable to individual interests and industry expertise. Any Esri publication can be subscribed to free of charge by simply going to This is a great way to stay up to date with Esri news and product information.

Esri and GIS News and Information


ArcUser magazine


Weather & Climate

Esri Career Connections

ArcNews is the complete newsmagazine printed quarterly for Esri software users and others interested in mapping and GIS technology. It contains updates about the company, its events, and new software. Each issue of ArcNews features about 25 user success stories of interest to business professionals, planners, foresters, scientists, cartographers, academicians, geographers, engineers, and many others who use spatial information. In its 27th year, ArcNews has a worldwide readership of more than 600,000, the largest circulation of any periodical in the GIS industry. ArcNews is also published at

ArcUser magazine is published quarterly and is designed for the Esri software user. It provides practical, technical information, with tutorials and suggestions on how to use Esri software most effectively. ArcUser magazine focuses on users and provides feature articles, tutorials, and articles that describe the integration of GIS with other technologies. Many stories and articles are written by readers. Primarily, ArcUser helps readers stay up to date with the rapidly expanding and advancing Esri products. ArcUser has a growing circulation, reaching more than 365,000 GIS users worldwide. ArcUser is also published online at

ArcWatch is an e-newsletter published monthly for anyone interested in what's new with Esri, its software, and GIS mapping solutions. It provides summaries of product news, software updates, and upcoming events. ArcWatch is a complete resource for important Esri news and software information and is just a click away.

Weather & Climate
Weather & Climate is a new publication from Esri's Atmospheric User Group focusing on the ways that GIS is being used to enhance meteorology and better understand atmospheric conditions. Articles highlight the work being done by agencies such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Department of Defense, state and regional weather services, private companies, and universities.

Esri Career Connections
Esri Career Connections is a monthly online newsletter with useful information for prospective Esri employees. It offers insight into the culture and community of Esri, along with job opportunities and introductions to the staff. Readers can also find information about career fairs.

My Esri News
My Esri News is an e-newsletter containing only information relevant to your geographic location, product, or industry interests. It is offered both domestically and internationally and provides an exciting new way to stay connected and informed about Esri products, training, user groups, and regional events. Unlike other calendar-based publications, My Esri News sends personalized electronic announcements only when there is news to report relevant to your region or interests.

Government News

  Federal GIS Connections

Government Matters

Mil Intel Muster

Federal GIS Connections
Federal GIS Connections is a quarterly printed publication that provides a helpful GIS perspective for government agencies. It contains articles focusing on GIS technology and its presence in large, government-run programs, including research centers, foreign aid, and homeland security. Esri news and updates are also included.

Government Matters
Government Matters is a quarterly printed newsletter for those interested in state and local government and its relationship with GIS. It addresses possibilities for more efficient community management using GIS. Advice about election supervision, funding opportunities, investment strategy, and neighborhood issues is included. Government Matters demonstrates how local governments can use GIS successfully to improve communities.

Mil Intel Muster
Mil Intel Muster is a semiannual printed newsletter for the defense GIS user group. This publication focuses on the different advantages GIS technology has to offer in the military defense industry. It includes explanations on mapping technology and its role in current foreign affairs. Mil Intel Muster also provides information on trade shows, conferences, and other GIS events.

Industry News

Archaeology News
Archaeology News is a yearly, online periodical focusing on topics of interest for archaeologists. The publication provides GIS software help, an archaeology discussion forum, and links of interest. Similarly, it provides information about upcoming archaeological conferences along with GIS and software news. Archaeology News keeps readers updated on new, effective software applications in their field.

Cave and Karst News
Cave and Karst News is an annual online publication for spelunkers and caving enthusiasts. It highlights topics of interest, recent news, and events in the Esri cave and karst user community. Information relevant to GIS technology, geographic studies, and cave and karst announcements can be found in this electronic resource.

  Energy Currents

Environmental Observer

Healthy GIS

Telecom Connections

Water Writes

Energy Currents
Energy Currents is a quarterly printed newsletter focusing on GIS in the gas and electric community. It offers practical and technical advice for those interested in energy and Esri software by describing how GIS solutions can supply better customer service, more productivity, and better system management in any gas or energy company.

Environmental Observer
Environmental Observer is a printed newsletter available three times a year. Readers of this publication are interested in GIS and its involvement in environmental management solutions. It contains articles on current land programs and environmental projects using GIS software, Esri news, a Tools of the Trade section, and software updates.

Healthy GIS
Healthy GIS is a newsletter printed quarterly for the health and human services GIS user. The publication features articles describing the function of GIS in public health, workforce development, and health education. Those interested will find techniques in implementing Esri software into their health care work environment.

Location-Based Services E-News
Location-Based Services E-News is an online newsletter providing up-to-date news, views, and reviews of enterprise and consumer activities within the wireless location-based services area. This publication helps those mobile GIS users gain more knowledge and software advice, enabling them to tackle problems faster and more effectively with GIS technology.

Surveying-Special Interest Group Newsletter
Surveying-Special Interest Group Newsletter is a quarterly electronic publication highlighting useful news and information of special interest to Esri's surveying and engineering user community. This newsletter offers several articles assisting land surveyors in implementing GIS more effectively in their field.

Telecom Connections
Telecom Connections is a quarterly printed publication offering a GIS perspective in the telecommunications industry. It contains articles describing the role of GIS in the future of high-tech development, along with enhancements that GIS has made to assist in the growing telecommunications field. Telecom Connections provides an insight into the world of high-powered technology with the added benefit of Esri software.

Water Writes
Water Writes is a quarterly printed newsletter for GIS users interested in water/wastewater management. This publication offers advice for integrating GIS technology and data storage to manage regional water utilities. In addition to these topics, Water Writes provides updates on GIS technology and its applicability in water districts.

The Wave
The Wave is an electronic newsletter published annually for the marine and coastal GIS community. It focuses on important events, research projects, and technology related to marine life and coastal society. The Wave is a helpful resource for those interested in environmental projects using GIS technology.

Education News and Information

ArcSchool Reader
ArcSchool Reader is a quarterly e-newsletter for K-12 educators. This publication highlights the important role of GIS in primary school education. It offers company updates, software recommendations, and easy "how-to" GIS information. This newsletter is a great tool for implementing GIS in the classroom.

EdUC e-Newsletter
The EdUC e-Newsletter is a yearly publication that updates its readers about the Esri Education User Conference. It is available as the event draws closer. The Education User Conference is a growing Esri event, serving those who wish to know more about GIS and its capabilities in the education field. Those interested in attending the conference should subscribe to this newsletter.

Esri Course Catalog
The Esri Course Catalog is a printed publication released twice a year for Esri software users looking for education and training in Esri software. This catalog provides information on Esri instructor-led and Virtual Campus Web-based training and is replete with course descriptions. This is a useful guide in learning about the newest software courses available to users.

Esri Education and Training News
Esri Education and Training News is a digital newsletter published bimonthly for Esri users. The newsletter contains information about Esri instructor-led and Virtual Campus Web-based training and Esri Press books. Esri Education and Training News is a useful resource for learning about the many educational services available.

Esri Libraries & GIS News
Esri Libraries & GIS News is an electronic newsletter available quarterly. It is an informative resource and provides a helpful reference for librarians and others interested in the application of GIS in libraries and museums. This publication provides useful techniques in accessing information about GIS, including articles about using Esri software and new Esri products.

GIS Day Watch
GIS Day Watch is an electronic newsletter that brings readers news and information about the upcoming GIS Day and related information about geographic learning and literacy. The newsletter includes reminders about registering your GIS Day event, soliciting proclamations from local political leaders, submitting success stories, promoting sponsor organization connections, and providing information about GIS/geography-based Web sites, along with online lesson plan resources. It also provides tips on how to host a GIS Day event.

GIS Educator
GIS Educator is a quarterly printed newsletter for educational professionals. This publication delivers information on how universities, community colleges, and others in education are using and teaching GIS across disciplines. GIS Educator also provides special educational offers and programs from Esri and its Business Partners.

Higher Education News
Higher Education News is a bimonthly electronic newsletter for two- and four-year universities and graduate programs using GIS on campus. This publication includes general GIS news, release dates of products, and Esri Press books.

Higher Education Site License Administrator News
Higher Education Site License Administrator News is a quarterly electronic newsletter for administrators with an unlimited site license for their institution. It provides information on GIS products and updates on their capabilities and uses. This publication focuses on educational facilities and GIS functionality.

Esri Corporate Alliance Information

Esri Around the Globe
Esri Around the Globe is a monthly electronic newsletter updating readers on the strategic relationship Esri maintains with leading software, data, hardware, and services partners. It also covers news and events in the GIS mapping industry, upcoming marketing opportunities for partners, and trade shows at which Esri will be exhibiting.

Esri/IBM Connections
Esri/IBM Connections is a quarterly electronic newsletter highlighting news and events about Esri and IBM in the GIS industry. This publication provides up-to-date information on how Esri and IBM are working together to deliver complete GIS solutions to their customers.

Esri/Microsoft Connections
Esri/Microsoft Connections is a monthly electronic newsletter that specifically focuses on Esri's strategic relationship with the Microsoft Corporation. Included in this publication are updates on software, information about organizations, utilizing joint technology, and Esri news.

Esri/SAP News Around the Globe
Esri/SAP News Around the Globe is an electronic newsletter available monthly highlighting information about Esri's relationship with SAP. It also contains technical updates and articles on international and domestic trade shows and other events.

SIGAdelante is an electronic newsletter published quarterly for GIS users who speak Spanish and who live in Spanish-speaking countries. It gives news and updates about Esri products, conferences, and helpful hints about GIS software.

Any Esri publication can be subscribed to free of charge by simply going to This is a great way to stay up to date with Esri news and product information.

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