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Fall 2008

Esri Business Partner Offerings to the GIS Community

More than 2,000 value-added resellers, developers, consultants, data providers, and instructors partner with Esri to deliver a variety of value-added services and solutions to the GIS user community worldwide. Below are a few of these partners and the solutions they provide. For a complete list and description of partners' offerings, visit the Esri Web site (

Data Providers

MicroDATA specializes in software solutions for public safety. Focusing on GIS-related, next-generation 9-1-1 software solutions, microDATA developed a powerful product suite called the X-Solution. It is composed of five components, including IP-based call handling, Emergency Services IP Network Solutions (ESInet), in-house automatic location information (ALI) database management tools, streamlined GIS database management, and a dynamic map display. Utilizing the latest Esri technology (ArcGIS 9.x suite) as the engine for the GIS database system and ArcGIS Engine for the PSAP map, X-Solution provides situational awareness, enabling rapid response times for 9-1-1 systems.

Infogroup makes available an accurate database of 14 million U.S. businesses and provides residential data with contact information for more than 200 million residents and 115 million households. A division of Infogroup, infoUSAGov, provides geocoded employer and household data ready for immediate importing into Esri products using its standard latitude-longitude coordinates. Government officials and contractors use Infogroup data for traffic modeling, emergency preparedness/management, environmental impact analysis, economic development, research, planning, education, and investigative purposes.


ARCHIBUS provides real estate, infrastructure, and facilities management solutions. ARCHIBUS Geospatial Extensions for Esri combine real estate, facility, and infrastructure with geospatial information to provide visual representations that improve analysis. Users can review 2D and 3D views of their properties; perform spatial queries; and merge them with database information, such as demographics. This affords better information for strategic planning decisions on the siting, construction, and management of properties. ARCHIBUS Geospatial Extensions also allow both interior and exterior data to be queried simultaneously to visualize an organization's assets and streamline enterprise workflow processes, enabling intuitive business transformation.


Bergmann Associates
Bergmann Associates is a geospatial consulting firm specializing in designing and implementing high-end, enterprise-wide, Web-based and mobile information technology and GIS solutions for public- and private-sector clients. Bergmann Associates Geospatial Division includes GIS specialists with multidisciplinary education, training, and experience. Bergmann Associates is involved in the development of a GIS from needs assessment through automation of the geographic data and development of the mapping database to the operational use of the GIS. The firm's ability to perform all these project components in-house translates to a well-coordinated, efficient, and cost-effective GIS design approach.

Systematic provides command and control software products for the defense industry. Its SitaWare suite of command and control products incorporates the latest version of ArcGIS Engine and provides a platform to help simplify the critical decisions that defense forces make on a daily basis. All Systematic products are based on an open architecture and provide off-the-shelf, standards-based capabilities that are completely configurable to the specific requirements of individual nations. Systematic works with its customers, area partners, and other leading companies to create unique solutions without the high price tag.

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