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Fall 2008

New Best Practices e-Book

Essays on Geography and GIS

book cover"We are pleased to make available Essays on Geography and GIS, an easy-to-access, no-cost booklet featuring recent articles by academicians and scientists dealing with trends in geography, geospatial matters, and GIS," says Thomas K. Miller, editor-in-chief of ArcNews magazine. "The original publication in ArcNews of these invited articles has had a tremendous 'ripple effect,' affirming, inspiring, and stimulating many students and professionals in both the academic and GIS communities." Find Essays on Geography and GIS at—a new, exciting addition to our cost-free Best Practices series.

More GIS Greatest Hits

Many Esri GIS Best Practices e-books are available on a variety of topics, such as retail business, law enforcement, and air quality. These e-books are instantly available online at no cost. Published as PDFs with color illustrations, these e-books can be read online at the Esri Web site or downloaded and printed. Additional titles will become available frequently. For a complete list of GIS Best Practices e-books currently available, visit

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