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Fall 2008

New Esri Press Book Provides System Design Strategies for Your GIS

buy Building a GIS nowYou've made the decision to implement a GIS or to expand it further in your organization. Did you know that planning a properly designed hardware infrastructure to support your GIS is a key component to a successful deployment? Building a GIS: System Architecture Design Strategies for Managers by Dave Peters documents a time-tested design process and provides a practical tool to help you plan the infrastructure—system configuration, platform sizing/selection, and network bandwidth—to sustain the GIS specific to your needs.

Based on his technical white paper System Design Strategies and built on his more than 27 years of systems integration experience, Peters, Esri's lead systems architect, reveals a hardware/software selection and implementation model that works for all enterprise GIS deployments—from the smallest to the largest. His solutions take into account the new and improved Web mapping services software, dual-core socket server technology, and search engine architecture performance improvements available.

Accompanying the book on CD is the Capacity Planning Tool (CPT), which was created by Peters to help automate many of the system design analysis tasks. An invaluable resource to help save money and reduce risk, the CPT includes templates for defining enterprise workflow requirements and calculating peak system capacity based on vendor platform selection and system configuration.

Written in the same vein as Roger Tomlinson's Thinking About GIS, Building a GIS is the next in a growing series from Esri Press establishing the fundamentals of successful GIS planning. From novices to experts, this book is one that everyone on the team (CEOs, IT professionals, and GIS specialists alike) can easily follow to build a successful infrastructure for their GIS. ISBN: 9781589481596, 302 pp., $44.95.

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