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Spring 2008

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Business Analyst Online Private Label Simplifies Research


  • Esri offers Business Analyst Online as a private label to generate on-demand maps and data reports.
  • A private label implementation simplifies market research and presents a new revenue stream for organizations.
  • There are three levels of customization to choose from—turnkey, integrated portal, and Web services implementation.

When conducting research for market analysis, site selection, or customer segmentation, considerable time is spent consolidating demographic profiles, consumer spending data, and area statistics from multiple sources. Researchers must also standardize the format of this information for presentation and analysis.

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MapMart's Private Label implementation of Business Analyst Online showing on-screen application branding in the header area with its custom logo, also displayed in the output of all maps and reports.
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With Business Analyst Online Private Label, research projects are simplified. An organization can get exactly the data reports and maps it needs from one reliable source and customize the look and feel to match the visual and analysis requirements of its internal or external customers. A private label solution lends credibility and brings a higher level of personalization to research projects by promoting the organization's brand, whether these on-demand maps and reports are presented to top management or shared with clients.

Business Analyst Online Private Label is suitable for many users, including

  • Industry and marketing professionals who support external customers with consultative and research services
  • Government agencies that want to provide workers or consumers with online access to demographics, market data, and maps
  • IT managers who need to support corporate employees with access to market analysis tools and data
  • Business partners who want an additional revenue source by offering a turnkey and online solution of on-demand maps and reports

With a private label implementation, Business Analyst Online becomes a direct part of the research and reporting processes. At the point of login, end users access the online application, displaying an organization's colors and logo, which can also appear on the outputted maps and reports. Users quickly choose standard geographies or define custom study areas and then browse for reports containing thousands of variables in multiple data categories, such as demographic, consumer spending, crime, traffic, health, labor/workforce, and customer segmentation/lifestyle behavior. Maps are displayed on-screen or printed as hard copy; users can choose from street map views, topographical views, satellite imagery, or hybrid maps. Because Esri updates the data annually, an organization's users always have access to the most recent and accurate data possible.

There are three Business Analyst Online Private Label customization categories:

  • Turnkey with basic customization
  • Integrated online portal with advanced customization
  • Integrated support via Web services
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Business Analyst Online Private Label customization of categories and characteristics

Turnkey Online Portal

A turnkey online portal includes full application development and hosting by Esri, with a link from an organization's Web site, as well as reports and maps branded with its logo and corporate color scheme. Esri hosts the application and manages all data and application updates, freeing the organization from this responsibility and saving it time and money.

Integrated Online Portal

An integrated online portal has more in-depth customization options, including custom subscription plans to link the organization's users with specific data and functionality, custom data reports with integration of an organization's own data, and custom application widgets to guide users to quickly find the data and maps they need.

Web Services Implementation

For organizations with an in-house Web development team and an existing front-end portal, Esri provides Business Analyst Online Private Label functionality via optional Web services to host and serve up maps and data reports directly into an organization's application. Additionally, if the organization needs assistance with its Web site or application design, Esri can also provide design and integration services.

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