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Spring 2008

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Free Esri Publications

Along with its extensive GIS software and advanced mapping capabilities, Esri provides numerous periodicals to keep customers updated on company news, products, and events. Esri has more than 25 different publications, ranging from printed magazines to electronic e-mail newsletters, all with the GIS user in mind. Many of the publications target a specific audience, focusing on subjects applicable to individual interests and industry expertise. Any Esri publication can be subscribed to free of charge by simply going to Here are two examples.

Environmental Observer

Environmental Observer is a printed newsletter available three times a year. Readers of this publication are interested in GIS and its involvement in environmental management solutions. It contains articles on current land programs and environmental projects using GIS software, Esri news, a Tools of the Trade section, and software updates.

Healthy GIS

Healthy GIS is a newsletter printed quarterly for the health and human services GIS user. The publication features articles describing the function of GIS in public health, workforce development, and health education. Those interested will find techniques for implementing Esri software into their health care work environment.

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