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Spring 2008

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New Training and Education Offerings from Esri

Desktop GIS

New ArcGIS Desktop Foundational Training Series—Esri's foundational instructor-led training curriculum has been improved for the ArcGIS 9.3 release. The three courses in the new series are designed to help you learn fundamental GIS concepts and become a successful user of ArcGIS Desktop software. Instructor-Led Courses

Getting Started with GIS—Learn fundamental GIS concepts and a geographic approach to solving problems in a new, interactive, media-rich learning environment. Virtual Campus Web Course (Free)

Geocoding with ArcGIS Desktop—Receive an introduction to the process of geocoding using ArcGIS software and learn how to prepare address data to optimize geocoding results. Virtual Campus Web Course

Understanding the ArcGIS Desktop Applications: What Is ArcMap?—Explore ArcMap and its default behaviors and learn how it fits into your workflow. Instructional Series Podcast (Free)

Understanding the ArcGIS Desktop Applications: What Is ArcToolbox?—Explore ArcToolbox and its default behaviors and learn how it fits into your workflow. Instructional Series Podcast (Free)

Server GIS

Introduction to ArcGIS Image Server—Learn how to manage and serve image data using ArcGIS Image Server. Instructor-Led Course

Introduction to ArcGIS Server—Learn a workflow for creating and sharing GIS maps, globes, and tools using ArcGIS Server. You will learn how to publish maps, globes, and geoprocessing models that are optimized for performance and how to create out-of-the-box Web applications using ArcGIS Server Manager. Instructor-Led Course

ArcGIS Server: Web Administration Using the Microsoft .NET Framework—Learn effective strategies to ensure performance, security, and reliability when setting up and maintaining an ArcGIS Server production environment. Advanced installation and configuration techniques are covered, with a focus on distributed installations and integration into an enterprise GIS. Instructor-Led Course

Publishing KML Services with ArcGIS Server 9.3—Discover how ArcGIS Server 9.3 provides rich support for KML and enhancements for creating and working with KML services. Virtual Campus Training Seminar (Free)


Geodatabase Replication: Working with Replication—Learn suggestions for creating a geodatabase replication strategy that will help implement a comprehensive distributed data workflow. Instructional Series Podcast (Free)

Three Tips for Managing Raster Data in an Enterprise Geodatabase—Learn valuable tips for effective raster data management in an enterprise geodatabase. Instructional Series Podcast (Free)

GIS Applications

ArcGIS Survey Analyst: Maintaining Land Records Using the Cadastral Editor—Become proficient in using the Cadastral Editor, a new toolbar within ArcGIS Survey Analyst, to build and maintain cadastral data. Instructor-Led Online Classroom Course

Working with Geometric Networks for Utilities—Learn the components of a geometric network and the methodology for creating one. You will work with realistic utilities data to create and edit geometric networks and perform geometric network analysis. Instructor-Led Online Classroom Course

Making Spatial Decisions Using GIS—This new project-based book allows students and developing GIS professionals to examine the GIS workflow—the method of documenting the problem-solving process and communicating your results to other users—by analyzing real-world issues. Esri Press Book

Designed Maps: A Sourcebook for GIS Users—A follow-up to Designing Better Maps, Cynthia Brewer's latest work provides more than 70 design examples that cartographers and GIS users can follow in order to create skillful, discerning, and well-designed maps. Each chapter characterizes a common design decision and includes a demonstration map, annotated with specific information needed to reproduce the design, such as text fonts; sizes and styles; line weights, colors, and patterns; marker symbol fonts, sizes, and colors; and fill colors and patterns. Esri Press Book

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