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Spring 2010
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Mumbai Selects ArcGIS for Its Enterprise GIS

The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), India, is one of the largest local governments on the Asian continent. The organization caters to a service area of approximately 440 square kilometers, including seven islands and four island suburbs. The MCGM jurisdictional area houses approximately 12 million people, with a population density of about 27,000 people per square kilometer, making Mumbai the world's most populous city. Like most city organizations, MCGM requires fast and easy access to digital maps and data.

"MCGM considers GIS as a solution that brings it greater efficiency," says Shantaram Shinde, joint municipal commissioner, MCGM, "by promoting information sharing across multiple departments, speedy decision making, and transparency in the functioning of corporations. GIS is part of creating an information infrastructure needed for providing effective government services in the 21st century as a stable governance-oriented decision support system."

MCGM, the primary agency for urban governance in Mumbai, has selected Esri ArcGIS Server technology as its citywide GIS enterprise management solution. ArcGIS Server will integrate images, detailed maps, and property-level maps and link them to a wide range of enterprise data used for various city functions. ArcGIS Server will also provide a common platform for authorized and secured access to data to harmonize the workflow of respective departments and disseminate information for the public's benefit.

NIIT GIS Limited (Esri India), Esri's distributor in India, is working with MCGM to develop a large-volume enterprise geodatabase and 12 custom ArcGIS applications, which will assist the city with property taxation, utility management, vehicle tracking, and land-use development.

"Esri India will work closely with MCGM to establish and support its very critical endeavor," says Mukund Rao, president and chief operating officer, Esri India. "It is a mission to make the city benefit from the use of GIS technology. With the Esri platform as its core, we will work with all stakeholders in the city and bring the best value to the city of Mumbai."

In the past, MCGM has used GIS as a desktop solution but not as an enterprise solution to support governance. With the ability of ArcGIS Server to handle large-scale maps and networks and integrate with management information system solutions, MCGM believes it can use ArcGIS to better serve the people of Mumbai.

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