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Winter 2005/2006

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Exclusive ArcNews Online Articles

The Winter 2005/2006 issue of ArcNews Online ( presents the following exclusively online articles:

First Asia-Pacific Conference for Esri Users
Hundreds of participants from 20 Asia-Pacific countries and regions came together at the first Asia-Pacific Conference for Esri Users to share ideas, experiences, and best practices of GIS and its various applications for sustaining our world.

In Salt Lake City, Utah, Traffic Accident History Model Built with GIS
One of the many roles of Salt Lake City's Transportation Division is to study the relative safety or danger of roadways and to mitigate any situations that may contribute to accidents. It's important to know what data the city has on hand and how quickly it can be accessed. With accident data, there may be huge variation over both space and time, and being able to generalize discrete events into useful information can be quite a challenge. That's where GIS comes in.

The Subsurface Geology of Brussels, Belgium, Is Modeled with 3D GIS
Recently, the Geological Survey of Belgium (GSB), located in Brussels, launched a new GIS program called Brussels Urban Geology centered on the urban geology of the European capital. The main objective was to build 2D and 3D GIS models of the Brussels subsurface geology. As a result, the GSB team created an application with GIS software with which all the available data gathered could be stored in a database and managed within an open, dynamic, and visual GIS.

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