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Winter 2006/2007
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New Server Product Is Now Shipping

ArcGIS Image Server 9.2 Redefines Dynamic Imagery Distribution

ArcGIS Image Server 9.2, the much-anticipated new solution for fast and dynamic image distribution, is now available.

Geospatial imagery is most valuable when a large number of users can access it and use it as soon as possible. ArcGIS Image Server provides the unique ability to quickly and seamlessly process and serve large volumes of imagery enterprise-wide. This allows organizations to maximize the value of their imagery and increase productivity.

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Four different representations of Landsat 1G imagery served directly by ArcGIS Image Server.

"There has been an explosion in the amount of available image data, and conventional solutions for managing, processing, and distributing these large quantities of geospatial imagery have broken down," says Peter Becker, ArcGIS Image Server product manager. "ArcGIS Image Server solves these problems by merging the traditionally separate steps of image processing and distribution."

ArcGIS Image Server is particularly useful to users who need to deploy imagery enterprise-wide to a variety of clients, as well as those who perform dynamic imagery processing for better image visualization. Users can publish GIS-ready imagery directly to a large number of clients, and server-based processing enables imagery to be quickly published as multiple image services.

ArcGIS Image Server is integrated with ArcGIS Server, which allows the data to be distributed to Web-based, mobile, and Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC)-compliant clients. In addition, users can publish seamless mosaicked image services from multiple image datasets directly to a number of different GIS, CAD, imaging, and Web applications. These services can be published in different projections, enhancements, and representations, eliminating data redundancy and extra storage requirements. Metadata containing important image information, such as acquisition date and sensor attributes, is easily accessible.

ArcGIS Image Server offers these key features:

  • Open access from various GIS and non-GIS clients (e.g., CAD)
  • Dynamic server-based processing for image display on demand
  • Scalability that supports extensive volumes of imagery, as well as many users
  • Integration with ArcGIS Server for data distribution to Web, mobile, and OGC-compliant clients
  • Quick and seamless access to imagery and associated metadata

Users can add capabilities to ArcGIS Image Server using extensions. The Orthorectification extension allows users to dynamically orthorectify raw imagery using image properties and an elevation surface. With the Seamline extension, users can create and edit seamlines for overlapping image mosaics.

More Information

For more information about ArcGIS Image Server, visit, call Esri directly at 1-800-447-9778, call your Esri regional office, or contact your local Esri reseller. Outside the United States, contact your local Esri distributor.

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