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Winter 2007/2008
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Is Your GIS "Enterprise"?

Answer the following questions to find out.

  • If your GIS applications stop working, will your business continue to operate?
  • Do you regard GIS as a key component in your enterprise IT architecture?
  • Are your GIS applications integrated with other enterprise systems?
  • Is your IT organization actively engaged in the selection, planning, architecture, deployment, and integration of GIS?
  • Do you have organization-wide standards and governance processes that describe the manner in which GIS is architected, deployed, and used?
  • Do your business executives understand the business value of their GIS applications (even if they don't necessarily understand GIS)?
  • Does your CIO understand the value of GIS technology?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then you likely have an enterprise GIS. If the answers are generally no, you may be making enterprise-wide use of GIS, but you probably haven't fully achieved an enterprise GIS.

More Information

For more information about the benefits of an enterprise GIS, visit

Also read "The Evolution to Enterprise GIS."

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