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Upgrade Your GIS Skills

Strategies to find time for training

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Finding time for GIS training can be a challenge. Esri has resources that can help you reach your training goal—whether it is staying current with the industry, upgrading your skills, or investigating a new career path—no matter how much or how little time you can spare. Even if you don't have days to devote to training, you can accumulate GIS training by devoting a few minutes or hours per week.

10 minutes

Listen to a podcast.

Read a blog post on a topic of interest.

Read a free Esri newsletter.

20 minutes

Explore an Esri Resource Center.

Read an ArcUser article.

Read an ArcNews article.

1 hour

Watch a free training seminar.

Complete a tutorial.

Download and explore a map template.

Complete a Web course exercise.

2 to 3 hours

Complete one module of a Web course.

Read a GIS Best Practices booklet.

1 to 3 days

Complete a Web course.

Go through a software workbook.

Attend an instructor-led class.

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