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Software Updates

Converting and Using
Sample data for the Moab model
DEM conversion utility

DEM-Based Terrain Modeling
Cornell University's Geospatial Information Repository (CUGIR)

Visit the ArcView GIS Terrain Modeling page
Links to articles, sample data, and utilities

Features Articles
Independent Transportation Network
ROad Management System for Europe (ROMANSE)

Desktop Notes:
Assigning a Projection
Sample MapObjects code

Using GIS to Solve
Radiation Problems

Scripting in Atlas GIS

Supercharge AMLS with Embedded Perl
Tips, Tools, and Techniques for ArcInfo
Real-life application script
Perl Language Page
The Perl Institute

Serve Data to Any SDE Client with ArcSDE
Take tutorials on ArcSDE

Minimizing the Pavement in Paradise
Conservation and Roads: A Two-way Street
Catalina Island Conservancy




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