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Stories from the January-March 1998 Issue of ArcUser Magazine

Help Yourself to Free Technical Support

In addition to fee-based support services, Esri offers many free self-help support services. These services include the World Wide Web-based Technical Notes, user-to-user discussion forums, and a chat server, as well as E-mail-based discussion lists and a Fax On-Demand server.

The City of Ontario Collects Revenue More Efficiently

Instead of simply spending more staff time using the same old collection methods, the City of Ontario "built a better mousetrap" using the City's GIS. The resulting application was less labor intensive and produced far more revenue than more traditional methods.

GIS Real Estate Application Spurs Land Sales

Jennifer Riley, GIS coordinator for the City of Barstow, California, went looking for a park site and ended up finding $644,000 worth of real estate sales.

GIS Helps Laguna Niguel

Wade Kloos, associate planner for the City of Laguna Niguel, California, used the spatial analysis capabilities of ArcView GIS to help officials decide how to administer funds from the Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) in a way that maximized the number of areas that could qualify to receive funding.

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