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November 2010

GeoDesign Summit
January 6-7, 2011
Esri headquarters, 380 New York St., Redlands, California 92373-8100
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Why should you attend? Network with peers, GeoDesign thought leaders, and researchers; observe GeoDesign in action; and better understand how you can use GeoDesign and how it will impact your field.

GeoDesign Summit

Merging the Power of Geography and Design

By Karen Jaffarian and Carla Wheeler, Esri Writers

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GeoDesign integrates geospatial technologies with the design process.

Professionals from across all industries who are interested in more deeply integrating geographic information system (GIS) technology and design are invited to the second annual GeoDesign Summit at Esri headquarters in Redlands, California, January 6–7, 2011.

The event is open to anyone interested in the evolution of GeoDesign, which pairs design and geospatial technologies to produce more informed data-based design options and decisions. Visit to register. The deadline is December 3, 2010.

GeoDesign occurs when traditional design processes and planning are realized in the geographic space and are supported by newly emerging digital technologies. GeoDesign introduces geospatial technologies such as GIS into any type of design process in fields as varied as engineering, architecture, science, and conservation. Geographic analysis is brought into the design process early on, when initial design sketches are evaluated in relation to spatial data.

"This is a pioneering gathering of professionals and academics involved in transforming technology, engineering, and planning in a rapidly changing world," said Diana Sinton, Director of Spatial Curriculum and Research at the University of Redlands and an organizer of the GeoDesign Summit.

Bill Miller, director of GeoDesign Services at Esri, encourages people from a variety of fields to participate. "The summit attracts planners, architects, landscape architects, GIS professionals, academics, and domain experts in all fields who wish to share their vision for doing science-based design in geographic space," he said.

photo of Kimon Onuma
Keynote speaker Kimon Onuma will talk about Getting Real with GeoDesign and BIM.

Attendees will contribute toward helping develop GeoDesign concepts, technologies, and tools that will advance how society approaches design. They will also have several opportunities to share their ideas, challenges, and solutions with an international group of innovators from diverse disciplines.

The keynote speaker will be architect Kimon Onuma, president and founder of Onuma, Inc., a firm that describes its team as "a unique blend of building and software architects." His company, based in Pasadena, California, uses an integrated design approach for its projects and services for the building industry, using building information modeling (BIM) and other technologies such as GIS. The title of Onuma's talk will be Getting Real with GeoDesign and BIM.

The two-day summit will also include presentations by other guest speakers; lightning talks; idea labs; brainstorming workshops; and cross-disciplinary, hands-on learning, which will foster dialogue about the advancement of design and geography.

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