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Through its extensive satellite imagery products and services portfolio, the Intelligence division of Airbus Defence and Space is recognized as a World leader in geo-information, pooling an unmatched access to Earth observation data with unique expertise and decades of experience in one organization. Based on an exclusive access to Pléiades, SPOT, TerraSAR-X, Vision-1 and additional access to multiple partner satellites (radar and optical satellites), its extensive portfolio spans the entire geo-information value chain. Airbus, Intelligence provides decision-makers with sustainable solutions to increase security, optimize mission planning and operations, boost business performance, improve management of natural resources and agricultural lands, frequently update maps, monitor construction activities, respond to disasters and protect our environment.



Imagery Thematic Layer Airbus Defense and Space Thematic Imagery layers provide users with fresh, 50cm, natural color, orthorectified imagery packages based on specific themes and regions. These pre-packaged datasets are a great, cost-efficient solution for multiple applications such as transportation logistics, zoning and planning, construction site analysis, route planning, environmental impact studies, and much more. Archives and Tasking App This Satellite Tasking & Archive app from Airbus Defense and Space provides quick access to fresh imagery. Any ArcGIS user can go online anytime and easily program a satellite to acquire a new image over their area of interest or order an image from an extensive, multi-resolution imagery archive. Site Monitoring App Airbus Defense and Space’s Site Monitoring service is used to monitor targeted sites on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This is a perfect service to monitor everything from constructions sites to oil platforms to deforestation. Users can monitor the progress of current projects, facilities currently in operation, areas affected by natural and manmade disasters, and much more. For more information about Airbus Defense and Space imagery and solutions, please visit: To provide feedback, please visit

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