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PhotoMapper Desktop: From now on PhotoMapper Desktop 10, the gps photomanagement solution is available for ArcGIS 10. With PhotoMapper Desktop 10 you can search and import available Photo-Databases to your GIS-Layers within just a few mouse clicks. Already created Photo databases can be searched automatically and be integrated in your personal GI-System. PhotoMapper Desktop 10 offers a broad range of additional functions to increase the efficiency of any Photo Management within ArcGIS. Therefore it does not matter if GPS information is already available in the photo’s Exif-Header or not. If not, with the simple Drag&Drop functionality, photos can dragged to their map-location of origin to add necessary GPS coordinates to the photo’s Exif information. PhotoMapper Desktop 10 works as an Add-On application for your existing ArcMap document and gives the opportunity to add photos as a layer to your individual maps. The capture location of the photo will be converted automatically to a point feature layer. When moving over displayed points on the map, the relevant photos will be shown-without any clicks necessary. PhotoMapper Server: PhotoMapper Server is a corporation-wide solution for managing large amounts of digital photos. While storing all your images in a central drive, it is possible to explore them efficiently from all workstations. The intuitive browser-interface and the connection to the ArcGIS for Server are pioneering. You never have to ask again in which location photos were taken and where they are stored within your company network. By providing a central picture database PhotoMapper Server organizes your data pool. Your current photos will be imported automatically while all users can easily add new pictures to the database. The graphical user interface uses the embedded GPS-coordinates for localisation in the interactive map. Due to the possibility off tagging and exploring the Exif-Header of your image files it is really simple to find all photos with their exact location in the map. You can easily add photos without coordinate information by using the drag and drop function in the map. Different user profiles make it possible to manage photos between departments and sections within your company or organisation. Especially large companies with wide spread organisation structures will benefit from the possibility to use their complete data pool of digital photos independently from the person who took the pictures.

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