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The French Hiking Federation is in charge of the management, maintenance and development of the 90,000 km of long-distance hiking trails. It is made up of 8,000 volunteer and has 235,000 members in 3,450 clubs in mainland France and overseas. To help her in its work, the federation relied on two web applications: -WebSIG: tool for managing the route network and building a rich and reliable database; -PubliWeb: editorial component allowing to enhance the itineraries and export them to Topo-guides®. Following the obsolescence of the WebSIG application and the need to respond to new challenges (reliability, distribution, etc.), arx iT set up a map-centric Web application and GIS WebServices, called ModernGIS, and based on ESRI technologies. This enabled: -Display, Consultation, Queries on data, thanks to a standard WebAppBuilder platform -Advanced functions for attribute and geometric update, Validation Workflow, Exports through specific Widgets -Advanced rights management by role -GIS Web Services to manage the creation of GeoDirected Routes for publications


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