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The CE Dashboard is an ArcGIS Enterprise system that enables predictive operation and Quality of Service monitoring of complex national mobile communication networks. The CE Dashboard system enables a Mobile Network Operator to monitor and display in control room settings the availability of specified services (voice, data) to network users distributed across the intended service area and constantly evaluate network performance against a set of pre-defined key performance indicators (KPIs). The Dashboard solution is deployable on an organization's internal Cloud and could be integrated with different telecom enterprise OSS/BSS IT systems, including network management systems (NMS) from different vendors. The Dashboard system is configured to aggregate and process different data feeds to calculate the network-level specified KPIs in near real time (typically every 15 min) and display them for observation in network control room settings along with any identified network status events and alarm messages. All together the system output with associated statistical analysis and regular reporting functions is aimed to ensure the compliance with provisions established in service level agreements (SLAs). CE YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@cellularexpert



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