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CE Inventory3D is a database component of the CE Server-Express system, which could also be deployed as a separate standalone solution for networks asset management and business innovation. CE Inventory3D is a specialised database product that could be further tailored to suit the specific operational requirements of a system user. The Inventory3D database solution can be used in telecommunications and other industries to: • digitise data collection and automate routine data management tasks, • collect real-time asset information, • provide reminders, alarms, and automate the reporting, • enable predictive analytics of network status and assets. Inventory3D could thus be instrumental in engineering, rollout, operations, and maintenance of communication networks. It is deployable on an organization's internal Cloud to ensure centralized, scalable data storage that could improve network data integrity and business intelligence, providing instant and secure system access to users across the organization. It could also be used as a web-based platform for building task-oriented network assets management workflows. CE YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@cellularexpert



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