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CE Server-Express is an ArcGIS Enterprise system to assist planning, engineering, roll-out, operations, and maintenance of communication networks. It is deployable on an organization's internal Cloud. The system is made up of several modules and engines, providing a web-based platform and applications for building task-oriented workflows. The CE Server-Express solution provides mobile and fixed network operators with centralized, scalable data storage, improves network data integrity, and delivers multi-user access to users across the organization. The system could be integrated with different telecom enterprise OSS/BSS IT systems, including network monitoring (NMS), customer service, billing, and business intelligence. For example, the CE Server-Express solution could be configured to aggregate and process different data to calculate the network key performance indicators (KPIs) and help ensure the compliance with provisions established in service level agreements (SLAs). CE YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@cellularexpert5358


Defense, Education, Research Organizations, Telco

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