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CycloMedia provides a dockable window within the software of Esri that displays high resolution 3D street level view alongside the traditional 2D map view. This solution tool provides users with an unlimited source of data to populate your geodatabase, without having to go to the field. Functionalities - Open 3D street level imagery directly on the selected location in the Esri map; - See opened locations and directions on the Esri map; - Measurements in the 3D street level imagery are transferred into Esri Geo database or other databases selected in ArcGIS; - Project external geographical vector data onto our 3D street level imagery; - Open historic imagery at the selected location, when available.


Community Development, Defense, Electric & Gas, Environmental Management, GIS, Highways & Roads, Information Technology, Land Records, Parks & Recreation, Public Safety, Public Works, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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