Skadi Smart Handle™

By Eos Positioning Systems Inc

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Are you ready to equip your field crews with the ultimate handheld GNSS accessory? If you purchased a Skadi Gold™, Skadi 300™, or Skadi 200™ RTK GNSS receiver from Eos Positioning Systems®, you can upgrade your included Skadi Standard Handle™ to the Skadi Smart Handle ™. Taking advantage of very accurate LiDAR and MEMS sensor measurements, the Skadi Smart Handle enables two core features: an Invisible Range Pole™ and Extensible Virtual Range Pole™. First, the Invisible Range Pole is designed to continuously provide you with elevations to the ground while holding your Skadi receiver in your hand. It does this with a gimbal technology that acts like a plumb, so that your receiver always computes its elevation to the ground, regardless of its attitude (angle toward the ground). Next, the innovative Extensible Virtual Range Pole™ extends the reach of your invisible range pole beyond the position you physically occupy. Take advantage of this LiDAR-based, distance-measurement sensor that lets you capture nearby assets on the ground and in trenches without having to climb down into them.


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