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Global CRESTA Plus helps brokers and reinsurers assess and present natural hazard risk, based on the zoning system established by the world's leading reinsurers. While peril-independent, CRESTA (Catastrophe Risk Evaluating and Standardising Target Accumulations) has established a uniform and global system to transfer, electronically, aggregated exposure data for accumulation risk control and modelling among insurers and reinsurers. CRESTA was originally developed as a joint project of Swiss Reinsurance Company (Zurich), Gerling-Konzern Globale Reinsurance Company (Cologne) and the Munich Reinsurance Company (Munich). Europa Technologies brings this industry standard into the digital mapping age with Global CRESTA Plus. Insurance professionals need accurate and reliable maps and databases. In today’s times of climate change, demand has increased for the geospatial intelligence offered by digital mapping to manage risks and reduce exposure. Global CRESTA Plus offers insurers an important basis for aggregated risk assessment, exposure management and reinsurance negotiation & reporting. Powered by Global CRESTA Plus, applications can developed to allow users to search for policy location, establish the CRESTA zone and then analyse/present the aggregate risk across a portfolio. Applications can be further enhanced by adding a variety of natural hazard data sets such as earthquake locations, storm paths, meteorological, geological and insurance-specific statistical data. Significantly, CRESTA is an evolving standard with countries being newly zoned or redefined each year. With annual maintenance programme, featuring quarterly updates, Global CRESTA Plus keeps track of these developments in an ever-changing world.


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