Gamma Remote Sensing

Gümligen, BE, Switzerland


Gamma Remote Sensing has an extensive expertise in microwave remote sensing. Our diverse activities include: Research Projects: We collaborate with universities, public institutions, and private enterprises to develop technologies and applications in microwave remote sensing. SAR/InSAR Processing Software: Our in-house developed GAMMA Software supports the entire SAR processing workflow from raw data focusing to generating advanced products such as ground-displacement and land-use maps. With its modular design, the GAMMA software acts as an advanced toolbox, offering a wide range of functionalities. It enables users to set up automated and efficient processing tasks. GAMMA software licenses are in use world-wide, supporting researchers, companies and public authorities in their daily work. Microwave Instrument Development: We design, manufacture, and distribute microwave instruments, including terrestrial radars and SAR sensors operating at L-, S-, and Ku-bands. Services and Consulting: Using satellite data and our instruments, we provide services such as slope stability measurements. In 2023/24, we introduced a plugin integrating GAMMA software functionalities within ArcGIS Pro. These functionalities include reading SLC and detected SAR data, radiometric calibration, geocoding, co-registration, coherence estimation, SAR-specific temporal and spatial filtering, and change detection. For more information, visit



Gamma Remote Sensing provides following services: - R&D Services (Application development, methodological development, software development, instrument development, R&D consulting). - Software license sales and support. - Microwave instrument sales. - Processing services using satellite SAR data for a wide range of applications. - Measurement services using our terrestrial radar instruments.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Implementation, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services