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From small municipalities to large county organizations, we have a scaled, cost-effective solution that allows you to manage and maintain your fiber network utilizing Vision FMS. Vision FMS was developed to empower local government to design, manage, and monitor their Fiber Network by providing a comprehensive geo-analytic tool set. This tool set simplifies management of municipal fiber networks by consolidating fiber system design, asset inventory deployment, strand assignments, and connectivity into a single, easy-to-use, wizard-driven application. This makes it easy to create and disseminate information to support day-to-day operations throughout the entire organization. GTG is now assisting with the planning, designing, and implementation of Esri’s ArcGIS Hub solution for local government organizations and specific departmental and business applications to improve how you access and manage your GIS data and applications. Furthermore, the FiberCityGIS software suite include Vision Analytics, which plots live data on a smart map, ensuring accurate and timely information is delivered from the field to the command center for state-of-the-art fiber network management. Utilized Esri GIS Ecosystem software may include WorkForce, ArcGIS Online, Dashboards, Insights, Collector, Drone2Map, Story Maps, Survey 123, and many others based on organizational needs.


Electric & Gas, GIS, Health & Human Services, Highways & Roads, Information Technology, Land Records, Parks & Recreation, Public Safety, Public Works, Real Estate, Telco, Water Resources, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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