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Parks and Recreation Departments need data, software, technology and training to meet the ever increasing demands of the community. GreenCityGIS introduces an innovative enterprise and sustainable GIS management and analysis system that is changing the way the Parks and Recreation Departments function, operate, and think about data. There are two steps, inventory and implementation. After visiting your parks and obtaining an inventory of all assets, the following software is implemented. Map Viewer: An intuitive solution for viewing, querying, and analyzing Parks and Recreation data. A tool that offers new and innovative decision support and a solution that will drive the Parks and Recreation Master Planning process. Viewing, interpreting, analyzing and monitoring park infrastructure and recreation users has never been easier. Dynamic Integration: A solution that offers a real and present opportunity to integrate data from many existing software solutions. This can include real-time recreation user information, work order and work request data, park user survey data, tree inventory systems, and revenue data. Mobile Collector: An easy-to-use map-centric solution to inventory, update, and maintain your park system infrastructure and perform many types of field surveys. A mobile solution that works on any of your hardware – laptops, tablets, smart phones. The task of collecting park infrastructure and recreation user data in the field and turning it into meaningful information in the office has never been easier. Dashboard: A unique and interactive operations dashboard that dynamically monitors park assets, recreation programs, and events. A new solution to monitor the status and performance of Parks and Recreation departments. It easily tracks field activities and keeps an up-to-date record of characteristics of park land, open space, wooded land, wetlands, parking facilities, the condition of playground and park infrastructure equipment, and any user-defined metrics. Citizen Engagement: A solution that offers all Parks and Recreation departments improved community awareness and engagement through geospatial story maps, walking tours, and an on-line citizen park and recreation query tool. Public facing applications offer an exciting and visually pleasing way of engaging citizens.


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