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Maps are believed to be an important tool for the tourism management at least for three points of view: • as means of recording and storing information; • as a tool for the analysis of the localization and distribution in space; • as a vehicle for the dissemination and the end use of structured information relating to a territory. Therefore, in this project the cartography component represents the main measure of understanding of the area. The main objective is to create a real, easy to read tourist map, based on points of interest (monuments, churches, museums, mountains, lakes, campgrounds, ...) which are classified and presented in a thematic map by icons . The proposed system is considered a DSS (Decision Support System) that offers the tourist the opportunity to direct their own choices and to set sights and itinerary to be followed based on their needs. The organization of the map on different levels of scale allows you to sort the items according to specific levels of importance. Moreover, in addition to photographic documentation, any "sensible object" based on georeferenced mapping is described by a set of information (data) that are different depending on the object itself. Through a powerful search engine, you can select items of interest through simple query-tours which allow, for example, to identify on a map and alphanumeric reports: • all the churches in the Romanesque style, • where are the works of Crivelli, • What are the 3-star hotel with restaurant and garage ... By geoprocessing functions the system is able to make spatial researches, i.e. to answer questions like: •Which are the restaurants within a radius of 500 meters from Piazza del Popolo in Fermo? • Within 1 mile along the wine route, which are the sensible objects I can find?

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