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In Public Administration the main interest is always integration of existing DB. These are often implemented by several IT procedures and managed independently by single sectors with consequent difficulties in correlation. Silver browser, allows the georeferencing information of the different existing DB (ICI, TARSU, Trade, Private Buildings, Population, Land register, planning), correlating the different map-based information on using the cadastral register and the address. The procedure performs analysis and correlations between the various data in order to check for inconsistencies and to deliver the appropriate messages for the different sectors concerned. Through the complete sharing of information via the web, based on unique geographic references, the system allows to unify positions of persons and property and the intersection of data from different archives, installed on different servers and platforms, using appropriate displays for any type of data (alphanumeric, geographic or graph). The user has the possibility to investigate the presence of a name, an address or a cadastral reference in all related municipal databases and display the corresponding geographical references. Similarly, a selection of geographical constraints (e.g. a building), the system provides a summary of all data in local databases (residents, owners, roles, building permits, business licenses, cadastral plans, zoning certifications, ... ).

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