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Like “Data Driven Pages” or “MPS Atlas” as a component of ESRI's extension “Production Mapping”, KTS is designed to automate the production of Mapbooks and high quality map series. It has a different conceptual design and fulfils special enhanced requirements of our customers in professional, cross-functional teams and cartographic departments or mapping agencies. It supports the configuration of: - Unlimited number of dynamic Data Frames and surrounding Map Frames - Dynamic Definition Queries - Dynamic Text and Raster Graphics - Layout Rules for dependent element placement - Dynamic Tables - Dynamic Legend - Dynamic Document / Page Format including optional fold marks It is fully integrated in the GUI and functionality of ArcGIS 10.x using ESRI's Add-In concept. KTS is based on ArcObjects technology and implemented as a modular architecture, which assures simple maintenance and update of tools and functions. It runs on Windows XP, Windows 7 and supports German and English.


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